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Airlocks, Hatches &
Specialty Doors
Design, fabrication and installation for all nuclear containment needs

QualTech NP's experience with nuclear containment airlocks extends over forty years through the former W.J. Woolley Company. This legacy continues today as QualTech NP is the only company in the United States still designing, fabricating and servicing airlocks for nuclear containment applications. QualTech NP provides every type of airlock, hatch and specialty door for all nuclear containment applications. We also provide parts and field service irregardless of OEM.


QualTech NP's expertise in the nuclear containment field is recognized around the world. QualTech NP's customer base includes nearly all commercial nuclear sites in the United States, select DOE sites, Canada, South Korea, China, Mexico, Spain, Slovenia, Belgium and Taiwan.

QualTech NP provides doors for new construction as well as replacements for existing installations. QualTech NP's capabilities range from the supply of small, routine replacement parts all the way to the design, fabrication and installation of complete door assemblies, large or small.


QualTech NP provides everything necessary for safe, reliable airlock operation. We offer a complete range of environmentally qualified seals, o-rings and gaskets for all nuclear containment applications.

Fabricated parts are manufactured in our machine shop. Commercially available parts are dedicated for safety-related use as needed.

Equipment hatches, drywell heads and spent fuel pool gates require routine seal replacement. QualTech NP provides o-ring, gaskets and inflatable seals. All seals are made from environmentally qualified elastomers.

QualTech NP's supports components originally supplied by W.J. Woolley, Hahn & Clay and OEM's no longer supporting nuclear products. We provide service support and replacement parts for all makes of airlocks installed in U.S. nuclear power plants.


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